Sunday, November 21, 2010

When will Dennis from Os grow up?

When I was still teaching at Osnabrueck University, I went to visit young friends and their children near Karlsruhe. 8-year-old Gregory, a sociable child, took me to the park to show off his new bicycle and then asked me a question.

"You're at the university, aren't you?"
That's right, Greg.
" What are you going to do when you grow up?"


  1. When I tried to listen to Dennis N's story, I got Vance's audio from the first post instead. ???

  2. Seems to be ok now. Sounds fine except for the long mmmmm - comes out emma emma emmma emmma.

    I used to work for a software company producing speech recognition software. It was my job to tweak the recognition engine to understand things like when it hears huja this is really "Who did you .. " These engines aren't perfect, but humans learn to work with them. One you realize their limitations you work around them.